Funding your account is EASY.

We offer 2 methods of funding. You can either use our instant and secure and verified online credit card payment gateway, or you can choose to send us a direct wire transfer. Obviously, deposits via wire transfer will not be automatic or immediate. We will confirm first that the funds have cleared before we are able to fund your account.

Deposit using our secure and instan credit card gateway

1) Click Deposit link in the top menu

2) Choose the account ID you wish to fund

3) Choose your preferred method of withdraw from either a Credit card* or Wire Transfer and the full amount of your request**.

** The currency of this amount is pre-determined by the base currency of the account you have chosen.

3) You will be able to automatically see your funds available in your trading account

Deposit via wire transfer

1) Please state your full name (as written in your Eurotrades account) and the trading ID; in the wire transfer reference

2) Contact Us directly to make us aware of your transfer

1) Once we have recieved the funds in our account, we will manually fund your trading account to the same value as we have received. You will also receive a notification from us that this has been done.

Below you will find details of our global accounts.